Victoria Atkins MP celebrates International Women’s Day by hosting local school pupils in Westminster

The two students, Jessica Sherwood and Ellie Jones, both of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle, were selected through a competition held by Victoria where applicants were asked to submit their ideas on how to interest young women in politics. 

Highlights of the day included a visit to Downing Street and watching the International Women’s Day debate in the House of Commons chamber, in which Ellie and Jessica were mentioned! 

Victoria said,

“It was a real treat to welcome Ellie and Jessica to Westminster to celebrate International Women’s Day. They joined 64 young women from across the country who visited the House of Commons to see the Mother of Parliaments in action. 


They had a jam-packed day, which included a visit to Downing Street and listening to the International Women's Day debate in the chamber of the House of Commons. I made sure to mention their success during the debate in the chamber.


I also paid tribute to Margaret Wintringham who was elected as Member of Parliament for Louth in 1921. For those who ask, “why do we have International Women’s Day?”, we need look no further than the House of Commons chamber: Mrs Winteringham was the third woman to be elected to Parliament and, 95 years later, I am the 428th woman to be elected.

We need more women standing up for local communities in councils, reporting on national and local politics and shaping policies. This is not because women’s experiences are better or worse than men’s, but because they are different. We must reflect the experiences of women and men across the country.


For those who have contacted me to ask whether other girls and boys will have a chance to visit Parliament too, the answer is, “yes, of course!” I am inviting every school in the constituency to visit Parliament before the next General Election.



This is part of a larger campaign I am running to improve the life chances and opportunities of our young people in the constituency of Louth & Horncastle.”